Friday, February 25, 2005

Studio Work

I've been working in a pretty sweet studio lately. We have a Powermac G5 Dual 2 here, and more video editing/recording equipment than one could shake a stick at. A Canon GL1, a Sony DCR-PD150, a panasonic DV camera, can't remember the model, three scanner/printer/copiers, and two PowerBook G4s now that my friend and I bring in and out as we come and go. We just produced a 30 second commercial that will air on 500 different primetime spots on Chicagoland TV stations. We are currently producing a DVD that will be distributed to 11-16,000 people a few weeks from now. We are also producing a video that will be shown to around 7500 people simultaneosly by way of two twenty foot IMAX screens and 60 40" plasma screens in a massive auditorium. Yay. This stuff is amazing, to me at least. :)


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